First Photo and Details of Burning Oil Platform

Mariner Energy platform fire (KLYF TV)

An oil and natural gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded Thursday mid-morning and continues to burn this afternoon. According to the Coast Guard, all workers are safe and currently awaking transfer from a neighboring platform to an onshore hospital. The platform is owned by Houston-based Mariner Energy and operates in approximately 340 feet of water, some 100 miles south of Louisiana and 200 miles west of where the BP Deepwater Horizon well exploded in April, killing 11 and spewing at least five millions barrels of crude oil into the Gulf.

Early reports that the Mariner platform was not producing oil and gas at the time of the explosion appear to be false. According to a statement released by the company today, the rig was producing a daily average of 1,400 barrels of oil per day and 9 million cubic feet of natural gas.

The Coast Guard is now reporting the presence of an oil sheen in the waters around the Mariner platform, measuring a mile long and 100 feet wide.

Acadiana, Louisiana, TV station KLYF shares this video report.

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