Congress Approves Wildlife Conservation Stamp

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The Breast Cancer Research stamp has raised $77 million since it was introduced in 1998. Now, another “semipostal” stamp will raise funds to help endangered species worldwide, thanks to a bill passed by Congress on Thursday.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), one of 31 groups that supported and lobbied for HR 1454, praised the efforts of Representatives Henry Brown (R-SC) and Madeleine Bordallo (D-Gaum) in making the stamp a reality.

“The success of this bill demonstrates the importance of bipartisan support for conservation and the value Members of Congress and their constituents place on the world’s imperiled species,” said Marydele Donnelly, director of international policy for STC. “As the United States is faced with budget shortfalls, creative legislation like HR 1454 is enormously appealing, a situation in which all win.”

The stamp, which will be printed in 2011, will cost a few cents more than a regular first class stamp, with the extra money going to protect sea turtles, tigers, rhinos, elephants and great apes.


Mutinational Species Coalition

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