Mayor Phil Gordon vows to make Phoenix “Greenest City in US”

And his Hizzoner wasn’t talking about our over-irrigated lawns, either. (Don’t get me started on that scandal.) No, he means “green” as in “America’s first carbon-neutral city.”

The announcement came in today’s “State of the City” address, which I nearly missed altogether. I’ve been hyper-focused on making my own place the greenest lot on the block (and I don’t mean any danged lawns, either! But, don’t get me started!). I first read about the planned announcement an hour before Hizzoner was due to deliver it. I grabbed my new Flip MinoHD video camera, hustled down to the new light-rail station and made it to the meeting just as himself was being introduced.

I’m editing a Vlog blog report that should be up tomorrow, but I wanted to at least mention this possibly historic event. I know: it’s easy to be cynical about the mayor’s claim. But there are reasons for hope here, too. For starters, Phil Gordon seems like a decent fellow. He’s also pretty tight with the Obama administration — and not just with our former Guv, Janet Napolitano (now a member of the Obama cabinet). In fact, just a couple of hours before his speech, the mayor had returned from meetings in DC with, auspiciously, Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu. That would seem to bode well for the mayor’s solar initiative.

Or at least, as Mom would say, “It couldn’t hurt.”

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