Solar Tax Incentive May Be Cut

Solar Power in the Grand Canyon, 5 December 2010

Solar Power in the Grand Canyon, 5 December 2010

We received the alert below from the good folks at The Vote Solar Initiative:

Last night the President announced an agreement with Congress on extending tax cuts and unemployment benefits. Our friends at SEIA have been working to make sure an extension of the Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program for solar was included. It’s a critical bit of tax policy that the solar industry needs to keep momentum, but unfortunately, as of this morning it is not part of the agreement. The key negotiators are meeting TODAY and we need one last push to get key support for solar over the finish line. Can you take action to help?

Several key members of Congress are making their case to leadership to include 1603 in the tax legislation and they need grassroots support to strengthen their hand. Can you email your representative today? Extending this program will keep solar growing, creating more jobs and clean energy to power America.

One of the ironies of the ‘solar is expensive’ myth is that this country not only provides vastly more tax incentives for the fossil fuel industry than for renewables, but the majority of the incentives for fossils are permanent, while renewables have to re-up every couple of years or lose all momemtum. It’s a silly system that need structural reform, but until then, this program is critical to solar’s ability to grow and make its case in the face of a very unlevel playing field.

In any event, here’s a last-minute chance to get in good with Santa while he’s still making lists—please take a moment to contact your representatives in DC, help solar’s prospects, and get bumped from naughty to nice.


Adam + Team

The Vote Solar Initiative

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