Tesla Roadster Sets Distance Record: 347.2 Miles On One Charge

On (and on, and on) The Road

The owner of an all-electric Tesla Roadster from Texas has set a new record for distance traveled on a single battery charge: 347.2 miles.

The GPS log of the trip, completed on a closed circuit in California last week, has been posted as proof, but Tesla Motors hasn’t officially verified the new record.

The record is for a production vehicle — no extra batteries or special modifications allowed. The roadster is special in one way; it was the 1000th car to roll off the Tesla assembly line. (Hence its license plate: VIN1K.)

The car, which can reach 120 mph, didn’t set any speed records on this journey. The two-person driving team maintained a nearly constant speed of 25 mph. (That may have been the hardest part of this achievement– resisting the impulse to floor it.)

Tesla Motors puts the official range for the roadster at 244 miles on a single charge.

(Photo credit: TylerVault Co.)

To see more photos of the trip, and a map of the closed course, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla Roadster Sets Distance Record: 347.2 Miles On One Charge

  1. wow! if typical in city rush hour etc. is mostly somewhere around 25mph…. this ought to last most people an entire work week on one charge. I make a 180 mile round trip once a week to visit home. A little more than 100 miles on a charge is plenty for me since there is time for me to recharge before the return trip. With the Tesla (and soon to be all other EV’s) I can make a round trip on a single charge. Sign me up, because as of today, that 180mile trip costs me a little over $30.

    Speaking of signing me up, I don’t understand why EV’s are being manufactured in limited numbers when each model currently available has a waiting list to purchase them. It seems to me that production numbers should already be ramping up, especially with the cost of oil always rising, and never ever really going down due to the spector of “peak oil” looming over the planet.

    With that said, and I know i am straying from the topic of Tesla vehicles, but not from the topic of EV’s, the biggest threat to civilization as we know it is the price and availibility of the oil we need to supply our agricultural sector. The day will come when the cost of farming and transporting from farm to market while depending on oil for farm equipment will become so expensive that food will be available to fewer and fewer people until economy and civility enter into a crisis. (Remember the French Revolution exploded into bloody battle “when the price of a loaf of bread equalled a months pay” for the average person.

    Fed Ex and UPS both have added medium duty EV delivery vans to their fleets which average 100 miles at 50 mph. While all of “Green-Tech” is fairly new and arguably somewhat rudimentary, it will only become more and more efficient as we manufacture and produce more and more equipment. The flip side of this fact is that “Green Tech” is also much, much more advanced than the older technologies of the fossil fuel based industrial revolution we have enjoyed for the past 100-150 years. Society has made great advances with the benefit of fossil fuels, it has also been general knowledge since the 1970’s (my generation) that the industrial technology of the past has become unstable, and unsustainable, putting all of the next future generations at grave risk of even surviving at all.

    By now, if you are still reading, you must be wondering why I would espouse such a diatribe to an article about such an awesome technical achievment in modern transportation such as the Tesla vehicle lineup. It is because I may be the only one, or the first one who believes that a large and concentrated effort to manufacture EV farm equipment would be a very smart and very shrewd move for every global community to be working on right now! I have attached my POV to the Tesla story because the Tesla story is exciting news that I hope that many people will read this and share it with others. I believe in the concept of EV farm equipment as a way to mitigate and solve the global social, political, and environmental issues that a “peak oil” disaster would bring to bare on all of humankind.

  2. Cool. But I think the “hardest part” wouldn’t have been resisting the temptation to floor it, but rather driving so damn slowly.

  3. Hi Karen — I get what you’re saying, but this was an attempt to break a record and those always have some non-real world elements. Tesla’s own estimate of 244 miles on a single charge is more realistic. (And even that range would likely only be obtained by using smart-driving habits — no jackrabbit starts, keeping the speed down and consistent, etc.)

  4. Good stuff but I feel it would have more realistic if the car had travelled at a speed of at least 30-40 mph and maybe driven through towns and traffic too! Nevertheless it’s a briliant achievement and paving the way forward.

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