Green Phoenix

A couple of new items related to Mayor Phil Gordon’s solar plan, “Green Phoenix.”

The Plan

green-phoenixHot off the press, here’s a copy of the Mayor’s plan. (With thanks to Gordon’s rep., Scott Phelps, who sent it ASAP, even though it’s not yet on the mayor’s official Website.)

You can get the file (PDF)  here.

The plan covers these 17 areas:

  1. Greener neighborhoods
  2. Solar city
  3. Urban mobility
  4. Green your home & biz.
  5. Desert hydroscape
  6. Public Buildings LEED retrofit
  7. Central city green
  8. Discovery triangle smartscape (green projects in blighted neighborhoods)
  9. Renewable energy
  10. Efficient city lights
  11. Hometown agriculture
  12. Canalscape (Make areas by extensive canal system a focus for recreation)
  13. Beyond sustainable schools (education and practice)
  14. Phoenix region desalt (regional desalination facility)
  15. Transportation-ICT Synergy (use existing broadband network for “green” projects)
  16. Urban riparian waterways rehab
  17. Envision sustainable Phoenix (public involvement in the “greening” process)

The Speech

You can read the text of the mayor’s speech, which includes an introduction to the Green Phoenix plan, here.

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