Bad Blogger! No More Kitty Porn!

Actually, it wasn’t on-line videos of feline antics that has kept me from you. I’ve been banging out posts pretty much non-stop for my blog, Edison 2.0, at I wish I had more time to post here at my home-base. But, I haven’t yet found a way to manipulate the space-time continuum so that I can increase the length of a day. (If you know the secret, please contact me.)

Sure, it’s great having a different audience at Forbes, but the fact is that Forbes also provides something The Phoenix Sun doesn’t. It pays the bills.

Since I started the Sun in 2009, it has always been a labor of love — and not because I’m opposed to getting paid for it. Like most independent bloggers, I just haven’t found a business model that generates a living wage (or anything close). So, until I do — or I find a patron, win the lottery, or get a MacArthur “Genius” award — I’ll have to write here in-between the freelance j-o-b-s.

I’d been planning on posting links to all my energy-and-the-environment articles at Forbes, but, well, I’ve been too busy writing them. Today, I’ve posted links to the articles I’ve written during May.

If you’ve found any value in the journalism featured here, you’ll probably like Edison 2.0 as well. If not, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Edison 2.0

May 24: Worried about radiation in breast milk? Still best to keep breast-feeding [Grist]

May 20: President of Tokyo Electric Power Company Steps Down

May 20: Will the Koch Brothers Make a Killing on the Keystone XL Pipeline?

May 19: Endeavour Crew Attaches Antimatter Probe to Space Station

May 18: Obama Campaign Raises Cash With ‘Birther’ Mug

May 18: Is There Hope for Nuclear Power?

May 17: New Video of Nuclear Power Plant Doesn’t Give the Real Picture

May 17: Chinese Solar Giant, SunTech, Boosts Production at Arizona Plant

May 17: Ten Companies Using 100% Renewable Power

May 16: The Fracking Song

May 16: Lowe’s and Sungevity Announce Solar Partnership

May 16: Endeavour’s Final Liftoff Takes Antimatter Detector Into Space

May 13: Solar-Powered Airplane Makes Historic Flight

May 13: Video: One Year of Mind-Blowing HD Movies of the Sun

May 13: GM to Add Solar Power to its Chevy Volt Plant

May 12: MasterCard’s First-of-a-Kind Initiative to Measure Your Carbon Footprint

May 12: Satellite Photos Reveal Flood’s Impact on Rural Areas

May 11: Keystone Pipeline Spill Raises Concerns About TransCanada’s Super-Sizing

May 10: Check Out the Hippie Pad Socialist Obama is Visiting Tonight

May 10: Will Japan Move Away from Nuclear, Toward Renewable Energy?

May 10: Peabody Punked by Fake ‘Coal Cares’ Asthma Site

May 10: Seven Weeks After First U.S. Full-Face Transplant: a Kiss

May 7: Colorado Slashes Cost of Solar Permits

May 6: Julia Roberts Named Global Ambassador for Clean Cookstoves

May 6: Nuclear Power Plant Built in Earthquake Zone to Shut Down

May 5: Senior U.S. Interrogator: Torture Talk Puts Troops at Risk

May 4: The Death of bin Laden and the Rebirth of the Torture Question

May 3: The Man Who Shot Osama bin Laden

May 2: Mapping Osama bin Laden

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