GigaPan of the Day: Dear Valley Petroglyphs

If you’ve already seen GigaPan panoramas on Google Earth, you know how amazing and powerful this technology is. If you haven’t seen it in action, you should. And here’s your chance, Southwestern style.

The GigaPan apparatus is a robot designed to create data-rich images that can be viewed at full resolution only on computers (the prints would be the size of a billboard depending on how many individual shots are stitched together. Here’s my image of the amazing petroglyphs at Deer Valley Rock Art Center in north Phoenix, combining 21 zoomed-in photos.

Deer Valley Petroglyphs

Not a whole lot to see, right? Now view it at the GigaPan site. Oh, yeah.

Want to see it in situ? Try viewing it on Google Earth: View in Google Earth 4.2+.

I bought the GigaPan for a Kickstarter project photographing one of the most important botanical gardens on Earth: Kirstenbosch in South Africa. It’s an awesome place. (There’s more information about the Gardens at my Kickstarter page — just follow the link in the previous sentence. (And if you feel so inclined, I encourage you to support for this project. You’ll notice there are lots of cool rewards for pledges — that’s how Kickstarter works.)

I’ll be writing more about the GigaPan technology in my Forbes blog soon. For now, I’ll just play with my new toy…I mean, practice my technique with this new photographic tool.


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