Guest Editorial: Substituting Solar Energy for Oil

The policies and politics of Arab countries are forcing other governments to consider the adoption of renewable energies. Here’s how solar energy is expanding in Europe.

Energy is vital for the economic growth of every country, especially for the industrialized world. Oil is the most important resource today, but uncertainties in the Arab world are forcing governments to turn to renewable energies. Solar is a clean energy and solar panel manufacturers can play an important rule for the government’s engagement with the clean energies. Solar energy is produced by solar panels and in order to obtain the best efficiency, more investment is needed for research.

One the most important companies and a leader in Europe in solar energy is Martifer Solar, which is also recognized internationally. Martifer Solar stands out from the crowd by increasing research in its sector.

Martifer Solar tailors their services to the customer’s needs by providing, in addition to the equipment, maintenance services and it works with the customer to find the best method of financing.

Martifer Solar has a prestigious body of work, having completed many projects such as the Torre de Cristal building in Madrid — the tallest building topped by an array of solar panels. In Santa Monica, California, the company built a 95-KW solar park.

The Benfica Stadium in Portugal has a solar installation built in 2004 by Martifer Solar for the European Football championship.

Hitting a new Market

Martifer Solar is attending Renexpo Austria 2011 on November 24 – 26. The company is also introducing the SmartPark, an innovative solar carport developed by its R&D department.

“We are ready to make the difference in the Central European PV sector,” says Francisco Queirós, Martifer Solar’s Central Europe Business Developer, “not only because of our international experience and know-how in all types of installations, but especially because we offer each client an optimized solution tailor-made to fit their needs.”

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