Arizona’s Renewable Energy Cuts Explained

There are few people in Arizona who understand what’s happening with renewable energy policy in the state better than Nancy LaPlaca. So, when LaPlaca is worried, renewable energy proponents should take note.

Nancy LaPlaca

Until recently, LaPlaca was an adviser to Arizona Corporation Commissioner Paul Newman. Newman, a strong proponent of solar power, lost his seat on the ACC in November — along with the remainder of Democrats on the commission. The now all-Republican ACC has started dismantling the state’s renewable energy support program, which had been one of the most successful programs of its kind in the United States. (Support for solar was once bipartisan — former ACC chairman Kris Mayes, a Republican, was the driving force behind renewable energy incentives in the state).

In the short video below, LaPlaca spells out the consequences of the ACC’s actions.

The clip — which LaPlaca sent to The Phoenix Sun — is part of a program about renewable energy in Arizona that will air later this week on Tucson’s public access channel. (Check back for the link.)

Also check out the related “Call For Action” over at

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  1. The Bowie power plant will produce 40,800 TONS of criteria pollutants a year, Nox etc. Greenhouse gases are typically 6x this. Do the right thing, stop funding their destruction, go off-grid.

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