Renewable Energy Under Attack in Two Dozen States

Recent attacks on state support for renewable energy in solar-rich Arizona are part of a nationwide trend.

Solar panels cover the roof of a parking garage at Arizona State University in Tempe. (Photo by Osha Gray Davidson)

At InsideClimate News today, Maria Gallucci writes:

Over the past few years, a rising tide of legislation has sought to repeal or weaken renewable portfolio standards RPS, which require a certain share of a state’s electricity supply to come from sources like solar and wind. Lesser known are the few lawsuits filed to challenge the constitutionality of these laws.

Many of these attempts have fizzled, but some are being revived this year. In total, 42 efforts are wending their way through legislatures and courts in more than two dozen states, according to the North Carolina Solar Center, a clearinghouse for state renewable energy policies.

“The danger of some of these [RPS laws] being repealed is a little bit greater this year than it was last year,” said Justin Barnes, a senior policy analyst at the center.”

While Republicans are behind most of these anti-renewable attacks (unsurprisingly), Gallucci points to a more specific source.

The biggest push is coming from the American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC, a 40-year-old industry group with free-market views that drafts and pushes legislation and that sees renewable energy mandates as an overreach of government authority.

via Renewable Energy Standards Target of Multi-Pronged Attack | InsideClimate News.

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  1. Good for ALEC!

    Sorry that you are incapable of distinguishing the difference between “anti-mandate” and “anti-renewable.”

    Go back and think about that for a second. All energy forms should compete on a level playing field and government should get out of the business of picking winners and losers in our energy markets.

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