The Solar Saga of Woodland, North Carolina

Solar field

A solar generating station.


Can the people of Woodland, North Carolina, really be stupid enough to think that solar panels “suck up all the sunlight?”

Probably not.

If you read the original article (and not just the Internet chatter about it), you’d know that only two people at a public hearing based their opposition to rezoning agricultural land to allow construction of a solar generating station on pseudo-science.

Two people in a town with a population of 1,788.

Others objected to rezoning land for a project that wouldn’t provide any economic benefits for residents — nearly a quarter of whom live in poverty. One woman, for example, opposed the measure because, “the only people profiting are the landowners who sell their land, the solar companies, and the electric companies.”

The story could have been a springboard for discussing the benefits of “community solar,” where residents pool their money to own renewable energy generating stations. Or an examination of why people mistrust utilities. Instead, it was used to justify another cheap shot at Southerners and rural people in general.

Now, that’s ignorance.

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