Saving Pfc. Mills (Renewably)

Pfc. Rachel Mills stands outside Pinehurst headquarters before the explosion. (Heroes fans know what I’m talking about. If you’re not one, bear with me for a second.) Mills is about to gain a new power, moments before the blast: the ability to harness nearby raw energy and channel it in any way she wishes.

There are two catches:

1. The energy must come from a renewable source. (What kind of Hero adds to global warming?)

2. You must choose the form of energy Pfc. Mills can channel. You have one minute to determine which source is most likely to provide Mills with the most energy.

The clock is ticking….what do you do?

Duh…get online, go to the NRDC’s renewable energy map, type in Pinehurst’s zip code — 07024 — (Ft. Lee, New Jersey) and a couple of seconds later, you’ve got the answer: cellulosic biomass, of course!

Thank you, Natural Resources Defense Council. You are a hero.

Their map comes in handy in other situations, too.

Say, you want to locate the areas of the country with the highest potential for solar power. You can find them quickly and easily on this slick new interactive map. You can even find the locations of existing and planned large scale wind generators.

Check out the map’s features in the video walk-through below. Then, go have fun with the map itself at the NRDC website.

Who ever said a serious tool can’t be fun, too?

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