“Do you speak Solar?” A glossary for homeowners

If you think a net meter is a device found in a modern fisherman’s toolbox, you might want to check out this Solar Power Glossary –especially if you are planning on investing in solar panels.

(A net meter, by the way, is “an electricity meter that spins both forward and backwards. It can track how much electricity your solar system puts into the power grid and how much electricity your home pulls out of the grid,” quoting from the glossary.)

This list of terms and definitions is on SunRun’s website, a solar financing company that partners with local installers in several states, and which we recently discussed on these pages.

Before going to the glossary, however, it may be a good idea to dial back your expectations. The Oxford Dictionary of Solar Power it’s not. The glossary wasn’t designed for professionals or even for DIYers who want to design and build their own system.

What it does allow you to do is what most homeowners interested in having a solar array installed, actually need to do: know what the sales rep. is talking about and ask questions that will receive answers that are both specific and understandable.

Fireitup is putting together our own solar glossary, with a little more meat on its bones. We also plan on including the marketplace terminology that lurks in the fine print of your contract or lease.

Until that’s available, this solar power glossary is a good start.

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