Little green men from 1BOG: “We come in peace!” Yeah, right.

Bay Area epicenter of invasion (What a shocker!)

Bay Area epicenter of invasion (What a shocker!)

We’ve heard that one before — right before our new “friends” take out their Rovian Death Rays® and untwist every double helix in our bodies, leaving hominids of all kinds to writhe in agony like sad little jellyfish on the shore.

How stupid do they think we are to fall for… wait…wait…the BOGmen have issued a new statement: “We will save you money.”

They are our friends!


See! It turns out that 1BOG isn’t really a distant alien planet (although it is based in the Bay Area). 1BOG — 1 Block Off the Grid — is a community-based business that, as their Website puts it: “organizes big groups of people together who want to get solar energy, and gets them a huge discount.”

1BOG has produced a good, short video that explains what they do.

If this sounds intriguing, check back here later when we’ll take a more in-depth look at 1BOG. You can also visit their Website, here.

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