Stalking the wild Watt

The Kill A Watt

Behold, the Kill A Watt

I promised to provide more information about a tool mentioned in a recent post: the Kill A Watt. It’s a small, inexpensive and addictive device for determining how much electricity your “Eco-Friendly Tofu Steamer” from SaveMotherEarth, Inc.™ has been sucking down while your plaid-shirted back was turned.

Just plug this meter into a regular wall outlet, plug the Tofu Steamer into the meter, push a button, and, Bob’s your uncle! (translation: there ya go!).

Of course, it helps to know which buttons to press and when. The folks over at the Alternative Energy Store made a pretty good instructional video on how to use the Kill A Watt and tossed it at the You Tube, where it stuck. Let’s give it a watch.

The video makes the process seem a bit more complicated than it needs to be, IMHO. But, still, it gives the essentials. I bought mine at for $22 and change last week (although the price fluctuates from day to day).

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