AZ’s largest newspaper endorses solar bill

In an unsigned editorial, the Arizona Republic today endorsed SB 1403 and called on the state legislature “embrace the opportunity to make Arizona the nation’s solar capitol.”

[The bill] is a reminder that the future belongs to those who act wisely now.  — The Arizona Republic

The endorsement is significant for several reasons.

The Republic is not just the state’s largest newspaper. As of April 2009,  it also has the 10th largest circulation of all dailies in the US (516,562) as reported in the professional PR blog, HMA Time. And it’s the 3rd largest paper in the sunbelt — behind the LA Times and the Denver Post.

It’s also worth noting that the paper generally takes a conservative editorial position. Of course the Republic endorsed favorite son (grandfather?) Senator John McCain over Barack Obama last year. But the Republic also endorsed GWB in both 2000 and 2004.

It’s early in the day yet out here in AZ where we are currently on CA time. But as of this posting, website comments rated favorably by readers all support the Republic’s position.

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