Solar jobs, Part 1

I have to admit that when I first heard about green jobs as the solution to our economic problems, I thought it was all hype. Now I know the exciting truth: It’s only partly hype! Let’s face it, green jobs are no panacea for an economy that has been brutalized across the board. But, so what?


The Vote Solar Initiative

As Adam Browning, head of the Vote Solar Initiative told me in an interview on Monday, “Solar means jobs … [but] there are a million reasons to support solar.”

How may jobs will actually be created from solar’s growth? I’ve got two predictions. Both are guaranteed to be accurate.

1. A lot. Like, a really big number.

2. We’ll have a better idea after they’ve been created.

Mayor Gordon’s “phone has been ringing off the hook” and “we’ve been flooded with E-mails from people wanting to know how they can install solar,” the mayor’s spokesman, Scott Phelps, told Fireitup today.

Make no mistake about it, solar is gonna be big here in the Valley. Unless somebody manages to screw things up.

Here’s a recent (February ’09) NBC Nightly News clip on new solar jobs in Michigan. Notice how retraining and education are mentioned as vital parts of any plan for attracting and building a successful solar industry. Why should you notice that? Because it’s true. And because Mom is a retired school teacher.

Solar jobs, Part 2, coming up….

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