Interview| AZ Sen. Barbara Leff talks about solar jobs

AZ Senator Barbara Leff

AZ Senator Barbara Leff

Arizona State Senator Barbara Leff (R-Paradise Valley) is interviewed about her solar jobs bill, SB 1403, on Horizon, a program produced for Arizona Public Television station Channel 8, KAET.

To watch the entire interview, click on the media player below.

Official Bio for Senator Leff

Barbara Leff served in the House for three terms and is currently in her third term in the Senate. Leff is the Chairman of the Commerce and Economic Development Committee. She is also a member of the Health Committee, Finance Committee and Ethics Committee.

Leff has a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University from which she graduated Phi Beta Kappa. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Simmons College.

Leff’s work experience includes being a Medical and Psychiatric Social Worker for the Veteran’s Administration, a Certified Community College Instructor for the Maricopa County Community College System and the owner of a small retail sporting goods business in Scottsdale. Leff also has years of experience in the volunteer sector including running a program that resettled Russian Refugees in the Valley. Leff’s focus was to create and run a program to help them be successfully employed and therefore, self-sufficient. Leff’s work and volunteer experiences led her to the world of politics. She volunteered on Jon Kyl’s first campaign for the United States Senate, spending many hours working on his behalf.

Leff has been married to Dr. Edmund Leff for thirty-eight years. They have two children. The Leffs have lived in Paradise Valley for twenty-eight years.

Leff’s legislative achievements include sponsoring legislation that: improves the quality of health care; prevents frivolous lawsuits; protects social security numbers to prevent identity theft; increases penalties for producing and selling Meth; puts felons in jail for life with a third felony conviction; prevents the clustering of sex offenders; provides tools to enforce existing laws against illegal immigration and to secure the border; allows people to ship wine to Arizona and to order wine directly from small wineries; protects the health of Arizonans who receive treatments at Med Spas; educates children on the prevention of skin cancer; makes sure tobacco taxes are used to help people stop smoking; increases funding for our schools to cover their actual utility costs as well as fighting for increased funding in the classroom. Leff was also the sponsor of “The Teenage Driver Safety Act” which puts reasonable restrictions on new teenage drivers. To strengthen Arizona’s economy, Leff has worked on policies to lower taxes, reduce red tape and encourage entrepreneurship including my legislation to promote investing in small Arizona technology companies.

Leff knows that accomplishments are not only measured in successful legislation. Much can happen by working with other branches of government to solve problems. For years, Leff has been working to help make doing business in Arizona more efficient. In the near future, someone who wants to start a business or expand a business will be able to go to one website for permits and to learn about current regulations. This will make a real difference for Arizona businesses.

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