Update| Gov. Brewer signs Arizona solar jobs bill

Stirling System Solar Generator

Stirling System Solar Generator

In a major victory for solar advocates in the state, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today signed SB 1403 into law.

The bill extends tax credits and other incentives to manufactures of renewable energy equipment (mainly solar) if they locate in Ariz0na and meet other criteria.

Proponents of the legislation, which passed the AZ Senate on June 15th and the House June 26th, have claimed that such a bill was a missing “third leg” on a stool that would support Arizona’s bid to be the “solar capitol” of the nation.

(The other two legs are a large market for consuming solar electricity and enough incoming solar radiation to produce large quantities of power.)

The bill was sponsored by Senator Barbara Leff (R-Paradise Valley) and Representative Michele Reagan (R-Scottsdale).

Several solar manufacturers have been watching the bill’s progress since it was introduced in March.

“We are happy to be one of the first companies to claim a home there,” Drew Zogby, president and CEO of Alpha Technologies Inc., told the Arizona Republic after the bill was sent from the legislature to the Governor’s office. Even without Brewer’s signature, Zogby seemed confident that the legislation would become law.

According to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), a main supporter of the bill, several businesses were waiting for the incentives package to become law before they, too, would announce plans for relocating to Arizona.

In a statement released last week, the GPEC said it would meet with officials from 25 major solar companies at the Intersolar North American conference in San Francisco July 14-16.

According to Barry Broome, president of GPEC, “Major players in the global solar industry will be at this conference…There just isn’t a better venue to show these companies what Arizona can offer this industry and to promote the Quality Jobs Through Renewable Industries bill.”

Tonight, GPEC tweeted this message, “Thanks to Gov, Sen Leff, AZ legislators & GPEC stakeholders for the will & leadership to improve AZ’s economy!”

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4 thoughts on “Update| Gov. Brewer signs Arizona solar jobs bill

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  2. This should only be considered good news for Arizona workers. As states and countries seek ways to reduce carbon emissions, prices on solar technologies drop, and prices of fossil fuels continues to grow, states creating incentives today for solar plants to locate in them or for residential and commercial customers to buy PV arrays will gain significant economic advantages as this industry expands.

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  4. Having lived in a solar powered (2.5Kw) house since 2000, I’m delighted that things are finally opening up for solar to become a more important source of electricity generation, especially here in Arizona with our abundance of sunlight. This also should help the economy recover by providing more new job opportunities. Now let’s get some of these large solar projects going on down near Tucson.

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