Salazar: BLM wants more input on desert solar power plan

BLM map

Environmentalists concerned about potential damage to desert ecosystems, electric utilities wanting to expand into the growing solar energy market, and anyone else for that matter, have been given until September 14 to tell the government their concerns about a plan to open some 670,000 acres of federal land to development for large-scale solar power facilities. The change adds 45 days to the original public comment period.

In announcing the change, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, explained:

“Participation in this process by local communities and other stakeholders is crucial to making the choices that will open up the staggering clean-energy potential on America’s public lands. Extending the comment period will allow more of the public to look more carefully at the proposed renewable energy zones where we will give priority to large-scale renewable energy projects.”

Comments can be sent via the Web here. (

Need to learn more about the program before commenting? Here are links to just about everything you might want to know about the program.

The Solar Energy Study Area main site

Detailed maps of the proposed SESA

Public meeting transcripts

Miscellaneous documents


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