eTec of Phoenix lands DOE $100M grant…(so do others)

What? You’ve never cheered for the hometeam?!


OK, forty-seven other projects were funded by the DOE’s $2.4 billion program focusing on electric vehicles (EVs). More than half the total ($1.5 billion) was targeted at improving battery technology — currently the most expensive addition to EVs. Another $500 million went to companies to produce electric drive components, such as motors and drive trains. The remaining $400 million is being used to buy test EVs and hybrids to deploy in cities across the country and to install the necessary infrastructure to recharge them.

But, back to eTec for a moment.

According to a list at the DOE Website, eTec, along with its partner, Nissan, is receiving $99.8 million to deploy 5,000 EV with a 100 mile range. The money is being used to install approximately 12,000 charging stations.

The cars and chargers will be tested in Oregon (Portland, Salem, Eugene and Corvalis); Seattle, WA;  San Diego, CA; Tennessee (Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville) and in Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson).

No newcomer to this field, eTec (Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation) has been designing batteries and charging stations since 1989. The car for this project is the recently announced Nissan LEAF, a mid-sized car designed to fit five adults.The fully-electric car will launch in the US next year with production beginning in 2012 at Nissan’s Smyrna, Tennessee plant.

An optimistic eTec president, Don Karner, said yesterday that “By studying lessons learned from electric vehicle operations and the infrastructure supporting these first 5,000 vehicles, the Project enables the streamlined deployment of the next 5,000,000 electric vehicles.”

Other materials

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