Vote Solar’s classifed campaign revealed!

The shocking evidence!

The shocking evidence!

Fireitup has learned that The Vote Solar Initiative, a known activist organization with links to many Websites, is behind a highly classified program to influence voters in an effort to gain more solar jobs in their states.

Sources tell Fireitup that the program operating out of offices in the notorious San Francisco area, has already targeted voters throughout a region equal to the combined areas of Texas, Florida and Nevada.

“Fictional, tongue-in-cheek ads were placed in the classified sections of newspapers in Texas, Florida and Nevada,” admits ‘Adam Browning’ who talked with Fireitup on condition of anonymity. “It was a big hit,” ‘Browning’ gloated.

A typical ad reads: “Help wanted: 85,500+ electricians, engineers, sales to staff the new solar energy economy. Apply at Legislature, ask for Bold Solar Policies.” A thorough check of the Florida Legislature’s Website, however, produced no entry for a legislator by that name.

Not all Floridians amused by classified campaign

Both Florida residents surveyed for this story termed the classified campaign “hilarious,” “awesome” and “clever.” Not every resident in the Sunshine State could be reached, however. Of those not called, an overwhelming majority had nothing positive to say about the campaign.

More, as the story develops.

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