Earth Hour…7days, 7hours, 11minutes and counting

I’d been wondering if Phoenix would be participating in Earth Hour this year. That’s the (now) annual event in which people all over the world turn off their lights for an hour (8:30 PM local time) on March 28. It’s mostly a symbolic action to raise awareness about energy conservation. You can read more about it at the WWF Website.

Seemed like a natural fit for Phoenix, which Mayor Gordon has pledged to transform into America’s greenest city. But, Phoenix isn’t listed on the WWF site of participating cities. What gives?

Even though it’s a Saturday, I shot an Email over to the mayor’s spokeman asking for clarification. Scott Phelps just Blackberried back: “Of course we are participating.”

That seems pretty clear.

Good for Phoenix. I’m looking forward to staring up at the night sky next Saturday and seeing more stars than usual (and less light pollution).

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