7Days, 5Hours, 30minutes…

Green elephants may not be extinct, but in recent years they’ve joined polar bears and right whales on the threatened and endangered species list.

With good reason, the chairman of Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP), Martha Marks, has opened many a speech with the line: “I am with Republicans for Environmental Protection, and, no, that is not an oxymoron.” It always got a laugh; usually a rueful one.

Jim DiPeso, policy director for REP, has one of the sharpest minds in environmental politics — of any political party. REP isn’t taking a formal position on Earth Hour. Yet (hint, hint, Martha & Jim). But when Fireitup asked DiPeso what he thought of the event he sounded supportive.

“Earth Hour is a good reminder that using energy wisely is a critically important element of good stewardship,” DiPeso said. “Plus, what could be more conservative than saving money?”

He makes a good point, too, about the potential dangers of such an event.

“Once the lights are turned back on at 9:30 PM,” DiPeso added, “I hope that those lights are high-efficiency models, so that Earth Hour is more than just one-time, feel-good symbolism.”

And an Amen to that brother DiPeso.

(But I still think you guys ought to embrace this thing. Nothing wrong with symbols if you also live by the principles they represent. Like, the American  flag, for example.)

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