The Weekender | David Arfin on AZ school ruling

David Arfin, SolarCity

We asked David Arfin, vice president, strategy, at SolarCity to comment on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s ruling this week to allow two Scottsdale schools to have SolarCity install PV thin-film panels on their roofs. This is the first time such an arrangement has been approved in the state.

Here’s the message we received today from Arfin:

Financing innovations like leasing and solar service agreements have the potential to unlock great demand for solar power in Arizona by eliminating the upfront cost.  We’re pleased with the Arizona Corporation Commission vote to encourage these schools that are looking to adopt solar power.  The solar installations at Coronado and Desert Mountain high schools are very important for a few reasons: they offer clean, renewable energy, they will provide an educational demonstration for students and they will act an important demonstration of how to make solar power affordable for all kinds of facilities.

We appreciate the commission’s leadership in finding the right way to maximize federal incentives to encourage broad solar adoption in Arizona and we are eager to see regulations that will allow all non-profit organizations, schools, government agencies and businesses to adopt solar power in the future.  This will lead to a more robust green economy in Arizona.

Full coverage of the ACC ruling can be found here.

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