Solar power is great; People power is even better

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With debate on a climate bill in a holding pattern in the US Senate, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen just 46 days away, we figured the timing was right for a look at the number one reason for going solar: climate change (aka, global warming and climate chaos).

There are plenty of reasons to switch from fossil fuels to solar power. Jobs. National security. Economics. Groovy technology.

CO2 Molecule

CO2 Molecule

The most important reasons are the 384 molecules of CO2 found in every million molecules of dry air.

The Data: An explanation from

The world’s most current data for atmospheric CO2 is from measurements at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. These high-precision measurements were started by Dave Keeling in March 1958.

Dave Keeling (NASA)

Dave Keeling (NASA)

Today, the monthly average concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) within a week after each month ends. The source data is organized into a table and republished at CO2 Now so more people can see the latest CO2 level and the important CO2 trend. The table includes the full Mauna Loa instrument record for atmospheric CO2.


The video below is from CO2 Speaker’s Corner, a project by CO2now creator Michael McGee.

For updates, follow CO2now on twitter at @CO2Now.

CO2 Speaker’s Corner | Gauthier | Antarctica | February 2009 from Michael McGee on Vimeo.

When you’re considering going solar, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by doubts. Remember, however, that while some of the hesitancy is based in reality (i.e., how much money can I afford to pay upfront?) much of it is the product of years of denial about global warming — a wholesale rejection of science by fossil industries (in all senses of the phrase) and their lobbyists, bogus fear-mongering campaigns and corrupt politicians.

If you’re thinking of going solar, get the facts about global warming from sites like and By acting, you become part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Solar power is great; People power is even better.

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