Climate Cover(age)

Artie working his MoJo

Artie working his MoJo

Yes, even a lowly contributing blogger to Mother Jones can now get his dog’s photo on the cover of the magazine. In fact, anyone can. (Photos of dogs — of Earth origin or not — cats, children, all acceptable, too.)

MoJo explains:

In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to hash out a climate treaty that will shape our planet for generations to come. Our special climate issue features four different children on the cover to dramatize the point that we’re gambling with their future.

But hey, why stop there? We thought you’d like to make your own personalized Mother Jones cover. Upload a picture of yourself, or your kid, cat, grandma, pet lizard—whatever PG image you choose. Send it to your friends, your members of Congress, your president. We’ll feature some on our site (if you give us permission, of course). There’s even a headline contest!

To create your own cover, head over to here.

Tell them Artie sent you.

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