Spanish Energy Official Debunks Anti-Solar Study (Again)

Spain’s Secretary of Energy Pedro Marín has debunked — yet again — a study the purports to show a connection between solar investment and job loss in that country. Speaking at the Solar Power International conference now underway in Anaheim, CA, Secretary Marín discussed some of the study’s flaws in an interview with writer, Stephen Lacey.

“That study was extremely static,” said Marín, but “you have to look at dynamics” in a field that is rapidly changing. The Secretary went on to explain that the study in question looked at initial investment without considering the long term job growth created by that funding.

Spanish Secretary of Energy Pedro Marin (R)

Spanish Secretary of Energy Pedro Marin (R)

The study was written by Gabriel Calzada an associate professor economics at King Juan Carlos University in Madrid with ties to big oil. In August, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) issued its own analysis of the study, criticizing the methodology used and concluding that, “The primary conclusion made by the authors – policy support of renewable energy results in net jobs losses – is not supported by their work.”

Calzada’s study was frequently quoted by opponents of climate change legislation during debate on the House climate bill. Washington Post columnist, George Will, devoted an entire column to Calzada’s study. The Spanish Professor has also been embraced by groups that believe global warming itself is a hoax, such as the Heartland Institute, where Calzada appeared earlier this year as a featured speaker.

After the damaging NREL report was published this summer, The Phoenix Sun predicted that Calzada’s study would be used again during the Senate debate by opponents of climate change legislation. We were sorry to have been proven right: a post to a conservative Heritage Foundation blog a little over a week ago repeats the erroneous claims made in Calzada’s study. The post fails to mention any outside criticism of the study.

Can we expect to hear the discredited study cited on the Senate floor during debate? Of course. But, maybe this time, proponents of climate change legislation will point out that the Calzada study may sound like science, but is about as far from “sound science” as you can get.

Don Calzada

Don Calzada

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