The sun man cometh

Bruce from EnergyPro just left. Here’s the quick summary:

Good news

Our roof has enough south-facing, unshaded space to install PV panels that will likely supply all of our peak energy needs — even mid-day, mid-summer.

Not-so-good news

We may need to replace the roof because of aging asphalt shingles. The solar panels come with a 25 year warranty and would likely outlive the roof by many years. Better to replace the roof before installing the array  instead of having to dismantle the thing in a few years and then put on a new roof.

(Don’t you love that word, array? It just exudes high-tech geekitude. I can’t wait for the neighbors to hear me shout, “Careful where you toss that basketball, son; we don’t want to damage the array.”)

More not-so-good-news

We’ll probably need to upgrade the electrical panel. I thought that might happen. It’s not as old as the one from our 1891-built house back in Iowa City, but it’s not what you’d call new, either. Another hit to the wallet.

Bruce should have the estimate on the array (hey, that’s what it’s called!) in a couple of days.

Later, some notes about conservation, energy use, solar water heaters and the amazing Fujitsu ductless mini-split system.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a wise thought from Bruce:

The greenest kilowatt is the one you don’t use in the first place.

Amen, to that, brother.

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