White House to Fire it Up!

In a recent story by the Associated Press the First Family discussed plans for “greening up” the White House — including possible additions to the First Solar Array.

First Family's Array

First Family's Array

Jimmy Carter was the first president to install solar panels on the White House. Ronald Reagan was the first to uninstall solar panels from the White House.

But times change and solar produced electricity re-found it’s groove. Even George W. Bush, a TEXAN who thunk up the nickname “Green green lima beans” to disparage environmentalists, had solar panels installed on the White House. Well, not exactly the White House itself, exactly. More of a, um, toolshed — but it was definitely on the White House grounds, so I think that counts. Not that W. thought so. There was no press announcement of the “event” at the time.

It’s good to hear that the Obamas want to go solar, anyway. I just hope they keep the array small. I wouldn’t want them to take too big a bite out of the government solar funding program.

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