Breaking News | Government Ruling a “Major Victory” for Solar

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Solar-proponents today hailed as a “major victory” a decision by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that on-site solar generating projects (rooftop panels for example) owned by a third party are not subject to regulatory oversight by FERC.

Rhone Resch, CEO of the industry trade group, Solar Energy Industries Association, said that: “Recognizing that FERC does not have jurisdiction over on-site solar generating projects removes a great cloud of uncertainty about the role of third-party solar system owners and paves the way for greater, more cost-effective, solar deployments. In short, this decision allows solar companies to be just that – companies creating jobs and deploying more solar – and not have to be under the same regulatory system as utilities.”

In an email to the Phoenix Sun this afternoon, Adam Browning of Vote Solar wrote that, “It’s a great decision–PPAs [Purchase Power Agreements] are a very popular way to go solar, and clarifying FERC’s jurisdiction is welcome news.”

Browning did have a caveat, however: “Many states are still considering the issue vis-a-vis their jurisdiction (including AZ) and we still need to jump through those hoops.”

Such a case is currently pending before the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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