Solar Power Takes Manhattan

Kips Bay Towers, solar

The Kips Bay Towers (KBT) in Midtown Manhattan were an architectural landmark long before a 55 kW solar power system was installed on the roof in December 2008, making it the largest residential solar array in Manhattan. The KBT is one of the few residential projects designed by the famous modernist architect, I.M. Pei.

I.M. Pei

I.M. Pei

Its construction was also unique.

When first built, it was the largest cast-in-place concrete building in the world. Given its prominent place in architectural history, the KBT is a perfect match for a technology that is also forward-looking.

Other early work by I.M. Pei include:

For a list of I.M. Pei’s other projects, click here.

Solar Power Takes Manhattan: The Movie

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  3. Osah, I LOVE this, as a city boy who grew up not far from there. In fact, my solar roots started with the CitiCorp building on 53rd St. and Lexiington Ave. That iconic sky scraper, the building with the sharp triangular roof, was built for solar, but never got off the ground due to ….politics mostly. In any case, when it was announced and I thought there was going to be solar there, I was inspired. I thought, why can’t every building in New York be powered by the sun? I subscribed the next day to Solar Today magazine, intending to be a solar engineer to further that goal. Sadly, my mistake was taking calculus in high school. Hated it. Years later, I realized I didn’t have to be an engineer to support solar and could use my communication skills, and …here I am.

    Forgive me, but I’m going to steal this video for, but I will credit thePhoenixSun for inspiration.

    Thanks, man. This is such a trip for me back to my roots. You have no idea.

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