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When he was twelve years old, Alec Loorz saw the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. What he learned from the film shocked him. But that was nothing compared to the surprise awaiting Alec after telling a friend about the movie.

“It’s all a hoax,” his friend claimed. “Al Gore’s a psycho.”

Then, listening to the adult world, Alec realized the country was led by people who also considered global warming a hoax — oblivious to overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

Kids vs. Global Warming

Alec began to organize a revolution. He founded a group devoted to educating his peers: Kids vs. Global Warming. Several projects later, Alec, now fifteen, has built a campaign around a quintessentially American document. It was officially unveiled on July 4, 2009: The Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels. (See text below.)

Senators Boxer and Kerry and climate activist Alec Loorz

Senators Boxer and Kerry and climate activist Alec Loorz

The idea is to send a message to President Barack Obama urging him to take a bold, tough and effective plan to Copenhagen in December. Last week, Alec traveled to Washington, DC, and presented the Declaration with 10,000 signatures from people under 18, to the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, chaired by Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

(The group has collected nearly 40,000 signatures so far, including online participants.)

Alec has joined forces with several youth oriented environmental organizations, including: The Alliance for Climate Education, Green for All, Go Green Foundation, Energy Action Coalition.

If you or someone you know wants to get involved in Alec’s effort, there are many ways to contact him.

The Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to rid themselves of an energy system that may threaten their lives and liberties, it is only decent that they should declare the causes of separation from the dependence on Fossil Fuels. We, the youth of these United States, know that some truths are self-evident: that all people are created Equal and that they have certain inalienable Rights: especially the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Because of our dependence on Fossil Fuels, the earth’s climate is being pushed out of balance and is suffering from Global Warming.

The projected effects of Global Warming include extreme weather shifts, more frequent natural disasters, melting ice caps and glaciers, global sea level rise, reduced habitat and species loss, and lack of fresh water supplies. These problems put the children of this and every nation, thousands of entire species of animals and plants, and future generations in danger of losing their rights to Life, Liberty and Happiness.

So, when the burning of fossil fuels risks Global Climate Change, it is time for those most affected to stand up and to demand change. We call for change from our cities, our states, and from our nation. And we commit to change ourselves.

Therefore, We, the youth of the United States of America, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of this Country, solemnly publish and declare, that we, as a Community, ought to be Free and Independent from dependence on forms of energy that cause Global Climate Change.

We Implore our Leaders to support the building of a Secure Future, powered by carbon free energy technologies, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent People may of right do to build a more Sustainable and Just Society. And for the support of this Declaration, we mutually pledge our Commitment, our Passion and our sacred Struggle for Equality and Justice.

(Download the Quill Pen version of the Declaration)

Declaration video

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