Good Morning, Sonoran Desert!

The Phoenix Sunrise

Dawn in Phoenix

As our twitter followers know, we often tweet a wake-up shout-out to some place on the planet at dawn their time. We also try to provide a link to a web-cam shot of sunrise at that location in real time. It’s a visual reminder that 1) solar power’s potential is global, and 2) we all share one planet.

While starting the day at my desk this morning, I looked out the window and saw that dawn was approaching fast, with a pink-tinged shelf of low clouds to the east. By the time I found our camera and hustled outside, the sun was cresting the horizon and that pink shelf of clouds had turned orange and red. Above that, a thicker layer of clouds still blocked the light, holding on to the dark blues and grays of night.

So, good morning, Sonoran desert — a bit late now that I have this posted. But still, it’s a beautiful day.

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