Winter Solstice Brings Changes to Phoenix Sun

Soyal (Hopi)

Soyal (Hopi)

The Sun Returns

The winter solstice, marking the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere, occurs today at 17:47 UTC.* For thousands of years, cultures around the world have marked this moment with festivals and rituals. For the Hopi people in Arizona, this day is Soyal, the time when the Katchina’s return, climbing into sunlight.

A note to readers

At The Phoenix Sun, we’re marking the sun’s return with changes of our own. Instead of an online magazine with feature articles, we will become a more traditional blog. That means more frequent, shorter stories.

Our focus isn’t changing, however. Like our masthead says, we’ll continue covering Solar Power & Environmental News from the American Southwest. How we do that, the format, will change.

OnEarth coverAs publisher, editor and chief writer for The Phoenix Sun, I’m making this change primarily because I’m beginning a new job. Starting today, I’ll be a correspondent for the Natural Resources Defense Council’s award-winning magazine, OnEarth. More precisely, I’ll be writing for the online edition of OnEarth. It’s a great magazine, as well as a great opportunity for me to explore the issues I care about with a wider audience.

I’ll be writing about solar power and other renewable energy issues for OnEarth. I’ll also cover ocean and freshwater issues, environmental justice (with an emphasis on Native America peoples), and whatever else I can convince my editors needs to be covered.

The Phoenix Sun Abides

The Phoenix Sun Abides

Just like the Dude, The Phoenix Sun abides. (Fans of The Big Lebowski, you know what I mean.) I’ll be blogging and tweeting, same as always. I’ll also be posting links here to my work at OnEarth and at True/Slant (where I’ve been writing for a while on even more wide-ranging issues, especially on Veterans’ affairs).

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen here, please keep coming back. But also check out my work on these other sites. They’ll be just a click away.

*Winter Solstice Times

Central Europe: 18:47

Western Europe: 17:47

Newf’lnd: 14:17


Eastern: 12:47

Central: 11:47

Mountain (& AZ): 10:47

Pacific: 9:47

Alaskan: 8:47

Hawaiian: 7:74

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3 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Brings Changes to Phoenix Sun

  1. Osha, congratulations on your new position. I am happy for you and really look forward to reading your pieces for OnEarth. At the same time, I’m a bit saddened by the news: I thought you’d be the first environmental reporting entrepreneur to prove to the rest of us that the best-quality journalism in its niche would allow one to make a living online. Perhaps you could update your readers on your thoughts about this at some point. In the meantime, best wishes, Happy Holidays/Solstice, and can’t wait to read your extended reporting for OnEarth. Cynthia.

    • Thanks so much, Cynthia! I’ll write about the whole journalism biz-model concept/experiment sometime soon. Things have been steadily improving at The Phoenix Sun. Steadily, but, unfortunately, not quickly enough. Frankly, in this economy, I just can’t afford to wait it out. But more about that later.

      Thanks again for writing, Cynthia – and for your encouragement all along!

      PS. Please check back. Who knows, The Phoenix Sun may appeal to more people as a blog.

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