Taking stock of First Solar (a good idea)

And blogging of First Solar…the site Investment U has this:

First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR) is the biggest player in thin-film solar panels, and is also the lowest cost producer. The company is a likely candidate for the S&P 500 and should experience a great second half of 2009.

First Solar is their top solar stock pick.


First Solar Headquarters

Granted, it’s not the best photo of First Solar’s headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, but it’ll do. I was a passenger in a car heading back from a great production of Frost/Nixon (with Stacey Keach as Tricky Dick) and noticed the building up ahead. I pulled out the Flip Mino and managed to get a short clip that contained an adequate still. It’s a beautiful building. Wonder if I can wrangle a tour sometime?

(Thanks to Chris Brown for the heads-up on the stock story.)

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