Solar Tweeting | “Are You Listening, Arizona Legislature?”

The Anti-Solar Debacle

HB 2701 — Arizona newspapers editorialized against it. “Lawmakers, don’t clip solar’s wings,” was the Arizona Republic‘s headline. Now, the Arizona Star advises, “The bill should be killed, and quickly.”

The Phoenix Sun has been critical of the bill, too. Why, we wondered, would the state legislature go from being an advocate of our growing solar industry to trying to squash it like a bug?

There are lots of theories, and more information on this dreadful bill is forthcoming.

Today, we’re giving a new chorus of voices a chance to be heard.

Stupefaction in 140 characters

Twitter campaigns for or against legislation aren’t exactly new. Ever since HB 2701 was announced, however, the “tweets” against it have grown with no discernible coordination. In our experience, it’s pretty remarkable to have this kind of outpouring on a state issue. Reading the tweets as they came in, it became clear that with this one bill, the legislature was turning Arizona into a national joke. (After the Vermont Senate voted against keeping a leaking nuclear power plant open, a friend tweeted me asking if maybe Vermont would be willing to pack up their 37-year-old nuke plant and send it to Arizona — where we clearly appreciate such things. Grrrrrr.)

The Arizona state legislature hasn’t shown much capacity for common sense lately. Still, we hope it hasn’t forgotten how to listen. Voters have a way of dealing with tone-deaf politicians: elections.

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