HB2701 | Is the Anti-Solar Bill Really Dead?

After a firestorm of criticism over HB 2701, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued a two-sentence statement late Thursday afternoon praising Representative Debbie Lesko for her “wise and thoughtful actions today to withdraw HB 2701…”

Grave Consequences

We had to take the Governor’s word that the bill had been withdrawn, because Lesko had been muzzled. Reporters calling her office about HB2701 were referred to a Republican party spokesman. Probably, someone in the state GOP hierarchy had placed Lesko before her open political grave and asked if she might consider withdrawing the bill. Lesko, we’re told, did the “wise and thoughtful” thing — i.e., she didn’t jump into her grave.

Still, one wonders. If Rep. Lesko had withdrawn the bill, why does her Website, dated February 25th (highlighted in yellow below), still, on the 27th (I also added the date of my screen grab), have Lesko singing the praises of HB 2701?

Plan A

In truth, the lingering page is probably just Lesko’s Revenge; it’s her thumbing her nose at the Big Elephants who stomped her, but good. That doesn’t mean, however, that opponents of HB2701 can rest easy. 2701 may be gone, but its mission — to usurp the powers of the Arizona Corporation Commission and cut subsidies for renewable energy — is very much alive.

Plan A is finished.

Plans B and C are already in the works.

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