Bid #1b

This bid is for a slightly smaller system than the previous one (1a). It’s a 3.060 kW DC system, or 2.596 kW AC.

Gross cost is $20,448. Out of pocket cost is $11,268. Incentives total $4,080.

To sum up: Bid #1b — $7,188 for a 3.060 kW solar panel system.

System specifications

  • Estimated annual production: 4,858 kWH
  • PV Panels: 18 x Jiangsu Co. model XZST-170W
  • Inverter: SMA America model SB3000US

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2 thoughts on “Bid #1b

  1. The production estimates seem a bit outrageous. According to PVWatts estimate for your general area (Zip 85032 – Lat 33.5 N Lon 112.2 W). Latitude tilt (33.5) will give MAX Annual production which comes out to be 1546 KWh/KWp (DC KW). Please don’t let anyone tell you that these are Sun Power modules etc….. By using SP modules you will have less number of modules for the same Wattage (System Size).

    I did a 1 KWp (DC) and you can go from there. The number you are being presented just don’t jive for me. Name plate (225 W Module) times .77 will give you approximate final AC wattage number.

    PVWatts 2 is a bit difficult to use but I found a link where you can check production estimates for yourself

    Try it out. Good Luck


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