The Oil Spill, In Your Back Yard

In your back yard

YIYBY. Yes, In Your Back Yard.

A great idea — brought to you from Google Maps techie, Paul Rademacher. Thanks to Rademacher, you can superimpose the Gulf oil spill (using its May 6 position and size) onto…anywhere. In the image above, I put it over Washington, DC. You can see that the slick extends from deep inside Virgina, passed Baltimore and across the Delaware Bay into southeast New Jersey.

The most helpful way to position the slick is to put it over your own city. After all, disasters generally occur conveniently far from us. But, the fact is that they always occur in someone’s back yard and nothing drives that point home like seeing it in your back yard.

The mapping site is located here. Type in your city or town and see what a few million gallons of oil looks like there.

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