Easter Sun Day

Sonoran Sunrise

Sonoran Sunrise

Easter sunrise in the Sonoran desert was beautiful, as usual, as always.

It may be coincidence, but if so, it is a happy one, that Easter is observed on the day of the week named for the sun. In Old English it was Sunnandæg — day of the sun — but its roots stretch back to Greece where the day was named for Helios, God of the Sun.

Christians celebrate the rise of Jesus back to life, just when (in the northern hemisphere) the earth lifts itself out of winter. According to the Oxford English dictionary, Easter is observed “on the Sunday which follows the first full moon after the vernal equinox,” known more colloquially as Spring, the return of the sun.

So Easter sunrise marks a double return of the sun — triple, if you count the linguistic eccentricity of  the homonyms Son and Sun.

We draw power, life itself, from the sun. Each in our own way, we are sun worshipers, going solar because that is the direction in which all life moves.

Happy Easter.

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