Update: Senate Climate Bill | The American Power Act of 2010

Update: Full American Power Act bill is now available (click here).

The Senate climate change bill — aka, The American Power Act of 2010 — has landed. Or at least a 21-page draft outline of the bill has. Solar, wind and other sources of renewable energy are hardly mentioned in the bill. Nuclear power is the clear favorite here. In fact, the bill starts with Subtitle A: nuclear power, comprised of three major parts and sixteen sections. The topics cover new funding for the nuclear industry, ways to make licensing and permitting new plants quicker and easier, and more tax breaks for the industry.

You’ll find renewable energy sources lumped together and then combined with energy efficiency — at Subtitle D. Even with all of these industries cobbled together, Subtitle D doesn’t merit separate parts and is dealt with in four short sections with little substance to them. You won’t even find the words wind, solar or bio-fuel anywhere in the 21 pages.

Still, it’s hard to extrapolate from an outline to a full-fledged bill, let alone to an enacted law. Read the document above and see where you think it’s heading.


[An internal summary of the summary of the bill was transcribed by the good folks at the Wonk Room.]

A “pen and pad” background briefing by congressional staff for reporters is now underway.

The climate bill’s formal “unveiling” is scheduled for a 1:30 PM (EDT) press conference today.

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