Powerful Oil Spill Message from Veterans’ Group

The veterans’ group Vote Vets has released a clean energy PSA highlighting the use of the military in the Gulf. The Gulf of Mexico, that is.

From the group’s website:

Veterans for clean energy

“The new ad features a veteran of the Louisiana National Guard, who served in the clean up effort. In the ad, he says, ‘When I signed on with the National Guard, I did it to help protect America from our enemies… Not to clean up an oil company’s mess here in the Gulf of Mexico… But America needs a new mission. Because whether it’s deep-drilling oil out here, or spending a billion dollars a day on oil from our enemies overseas, our dependence on oil is threatening our national security.’

By passing a clean energy plan, we can cut our foreign oil dependence in half, invest billions in new energy technologies, and set up new rules that govern off-shore drilling. That’s a fight worth taking on.”

If you find their message compelling (we certainly did), please make on online donation (we did).

For more, visit their home page.

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