BP Live Feed Shows No Progress Made in Stopping Oil

BP CEO Tony Hayward appeared optimistic Friday morning, saying on a morning TV show that he still believed that the odds for success in operation “top kill” were in his favor. The technique of shooting dense drilling mud into the gushing oil pipe a mile deep in the Gulf of Mexico, was, he said, making good progress already.

Here’s a picture of the oil-billowing pipe, only hours before top kill began:

BP pipe spewing oil before operation Top Kill

Later Friday, two days into the process that was supposed to take between 24 and 48 hours to complete, BP COO Doug Suttles was cautiously optimistic. Things were going as expected, taking a little longer than he’d like, but still progressing.

Here’s a picture of the same pipe, taken late Friday:

BP pipe after top kill

Suttles had deftly handled my impertinent question at this afternoon’s press conference. After all the misleading and false statements made by Suttles, Hayward and Co., “Why should people believe you now?” I had asked.

He spun it well, not really answering, but suggesting that they, BP, were trying really hard to tell us all the truth in a timely fashion.

Pictures can be spun, too, of course. Suttles will no doubt try to spin these. But lies, like tops and shoddily built oil wells, eventually fall over. The only question is, how much more damage will be done while BP stalls, using tactics it knows won’t work?

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8 thoughts on “BP Live Feed Shows No Progress Made in Stopping Oil

  1. Hello, this is an easy fix should not exceed 30days. 1st get a large object that weigh’s more than the pressure comming out of the pipe,big piece of iron the size of a small house, drop on hole than set up a temp-fix pipe, (like the one you would use on a refridge to conect to the ice maker,it self taps and seal at the same time.this will be a temp-fix,please note will be a scale issue. thank folks.

  2. NYT story estimates less than 10% of the mud, so far, has gotten where it needs to go. And tonight CNN reports the camera has been taken down for “unrelated” repairs or cleaning.

    Yeah, right.

    Bring back General Honore! This disaster is starting to resemble Katrina and the endless hours people were trapped in the Superdome (or on roofs) without help of any kind. CNN made it to the party long before Federal agencies.

    Five years later, happening again. This time in SLOWER slow motion.

    And even now, the President (whom I supported) is back in Chicago, oblivious to what’s really happening down there.

    • What should the President do? Get in his top-secret submarine with Jack (from “24”) and defeat those double-agents masquerading as BP employees and plug the well himself?

    • Just a simple screen grab from the BP live feed. I’ve got it running at http://bit.ly/topkillvideo but it’s the same view available through BP and many other sites. I hope somewhere someone is recording the entire video from start to finish for later analysis. BP CEO Tony Hayward apparently has a new twitter account (HaywardBP) — it hasn’t been authenticated, so I don’t know if it’s really him. But, I tweeted him this AM: “If BP rlly wnts ppl 2 understand wht’s going on w/topkill y not hire indpndt expert 2 provide comntary 2 live feed?”

  3. Let’s say this does work, why wasn’t it the very first option pursued? And I’m not buying BP’s lame claims that the other methods, which, as I understand them, would have allowed BP to continue to pump oil and make money from it, were a better bet.

    It’s scandalous that BP has been allowed to fart around with its bottom line foregrounded over the ecological damage that has unfolded as a result of this approach.

    We need laws in place that require oil companies to stop the leak as quickly as possible and prevent them from screwing around in the hopes that they can salvage the oil down there to pad their bottom lines…

    • Do you really think BP is not doing everything they can to stop the leak as quick as possible? As far as how the options were chosen and in what order, it will be interesting to see how many people climb on the bandwagon to say that whatever ultimately works should have been the first method.

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