Update| Obama administration fast-tracks renewable energy projects


Sunday, August 2, 2009

No word yet from DOE, but I asked Adam Browning at the Vote Solar Initiative why he thought DOE didn’t offer this same deal for homeowners. He pointed out the decision was made by Congress and said he’s heard a couple of reasons why the program targets businesses. First, congress was concerned about fraud and gaming the system and figured it was easier to keep tabs on 5,000 businesses than on millions of individuals.

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DOE adds $30 billion for renewable energy projects

Steven Chu

Sec. of Energy Steven Chu

The Obama administration is adding $30 billion in new loan guarantees for renewable energy projects, DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced Wednesday.

“These investments will be used to create jobs,” said Chu, and “spur the development of innovative clean energy technologies.

Another $750 million will be used to leverage billions more for upgrading electrical transmission lines into a smart grid.

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Energy policy and American values

American flag on the moon

And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the solar jobs bill, SB1403, into law, and a great cry of joy and happiness was heard throughout the land.

Especially in Arizona. And, OK, in The Phoenix Sun.

Did we get carried away? Granted, we did run eleven stories about SB1403, tracking it through committee hearings in the Arizona state legislature, and during floor debate — not to mention the “Will she or won’t she?” phase when the bill sat on Brewer’s desk awaiting her veto or her signature. Thumbs up or thumbs down: and she wasn’t saying which it would be.

In the end, I think the bill deserved that kind of coverage. First, as Barry Broome, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, told the Sun in early June, a jobs bill is pretty important stuff in a state that had fallen to last place in job creation among the 50 states.

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