SSG Edwin Rivera | A Memorial Day Remembrance

SSG Edwin Rivera

When people say they “support the troops,” I understand it’s shorthand for honoring the 186,000 individuals in uniform serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shorthand is more efficient, but on Memorial Day I think longhand is more appropriate. The loss of a husband or wife, a brother or sister, a mother or father, a son or daughter, an aunt or uncle, a niece or nephew, a friend — is felt most intensely by individuals, not groups.

Pain, death and grief are written in longhand, and recognizing these losses should be in longhand, too.

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BP: Beyond the Press

You know all those worrywart stories lately about BP preventing reporters and photographers from documenting the effects of the massive oil spill? Not to worry. The Phoenix Sun has the inside story, and we can assure you:  BP has it covered. See, right here on their website:

"The Gulf Coast: We've Got it Covered"

Beyond the Press.

Because independent journalism is sooo 20th Century.