Is Tackling Climate Change a Third Rail for Republicans?

Bring Me the Heads of the GOP 8!

In late June of 2009, conservative and new Tea Party bloggers promised swift retribution for the eight lone Republicans who had voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act (a.k.a., the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill).

Pundit Michelle Malkin circulated a “wanted” poster with headshots of “The Cap and Tax 8” which was widely reprinted throughout the Tea Party blogosphere.

“We must make examples of the Capntr8ors,” one blogger ordered the troops.

So, with the dust settling from the general election, how did it go?


That’s the beginning of my first post to a blog called “Edison 2.0′ that I started at Forbes online. I’ll be writing on cleantech issues, especially those dealing with energy. It’s exciting (and challenging) to be writing for a new and potentially different audience than you good folks who follow The Phoenix Sun, or my posts at OnEarth, Grist, The Energy Collective and elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be closing shop here, however. This is MY baby, and I ain’t giving it up.

But, please do check out the post at Forbes and, as always, I welcome feedback, discussion, kudos and bills of any denomination.


Wanted: 20,000 All-Electric Vehicles. Call Jeff @ GE.

GE's Jeff Immelt: "Clean Energy is a way to create jobs."

When a company decides to upgrade and replace its vehicle fleet, that’s often a boon for a local dealer.

When that company happens to be GE, and they want all-electric vehicles, it is a momentous occasion for an entire industry.

GE’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt announced last Thursday that he was in the market for “tens of thousands” of electric-powered vehicles (EVs) a move that will delight EV manufacturers ( Nissan, GM, Ford, among others), please climate hawks, and have shareholders smiling. GE is investing in clean energy to the tune of $10 billion over five years, a significant portion of which is going to the development of electric car charging units.

Below is a clip of Immelt’s “London Lecture,” sponsored by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership, during which he announced the plan to buy the EVs.

Jeff Immelt, G.E. (Clean Energy) from CPSL Video on Vimeo.