The Elephant in the Gulf: How the GOP Caused the Oil Spill

When Ronald Reagan declared that “government isn’t the solution; government is the problem,” he probably wasn’t thinking about a blown oil well on the seafloor.

He should have been.

The crude oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico is brought to you by the anti-regulatory movement that Reagan championed and George W. Bush rode into the White House. Now, tea-party Republicans are hoping to rack up victories in November so that they can get back to cutting what little regulatory oversight still exists in the U.S. The document below was written as a primer on the effects of anti-regulation focusing on the actions (and inactions) of George W. Bush during eight years in the White House. It should also be read as a cautionary tale. Ronald Reagan was right about one thing: the problem with the Republican party, he said, was that the right hand never knew what the far-right hand was doing. It’s just as true today.

The Bush Anti-Regulatory Legacy