Study | Low-Balling Oil Numbers Caused Public Mistrust

Oil gushing from the BP well

While not exactly earthshaking, a draft study released today by the staff of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, may be the source of some satisfaction to the many Americans who remain skeptical of the government’s response to the disaster:

By initially underestimating the amount of oil flow and then, at the end of the summer, appearing to underestimate the amount of oil remaining in the Gulf, the federal government created the impression that it was either not fully competent to handle the spill or not fully candid with the American people about the scope of the problem.

The draft report (below) is one of four released by the commission today. The others are:

The weekly update issued by the government’s Unified Area Command didn’t comment on the studies.

The Amount and Fate of the Oil

The Amount and Fate of the Oil. Working Paper #3

Music Video | BP Did a Bad Bad Thing

Musician (and deep sea explorer) Gale Mead has made a music video that could become the anthem of a new generation of environmentalists coming of age during the BP oil disaster — a tragedy that, as Mead’s lyrics remind us, is still unfolding.

From "BP Did a Bad Bad Thing"

Based on Chris Isaak’s song, Baby Did a Bad Thing, Mead has combined images and words into a potent, nearly overpowering, brew of anger, grief and protest.

Admiral Thad Allen to BP: Now Hear This

There is new evidence that the BP Deepwater well has been damaged and is leaking oil or natural gas into the surrounding seabed, a worst-case scenario that the company has portrayed as extremely unlikely since the runaway well was closed on Thursday afternoon to test for damage.

In a terse letter sent Sunday night by National Incident Commander Thad Allen to BP director Bob Dudley, Admiral Allen cited a “detected seep a distance from the well and undetermined anomalies at the well head…” Both are possible indications of damage to the well that exploded in April, killing eleven people outright and releasing millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico for over three months.

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Thad Allen to BP